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Nickel 200 Studs, Threaded rod/bar
Studs is a metal rod or bar with threads on both sides. It also known as double-headed screws or studs, used to connect two parts together. General for mining machinery, bridges, cars, motorcycles, boiler steel structure, hanging tower, large span steel structure and large buildings.
People tend to use studs when the parts need to remove frequently, because the thread will be worn if install and remove often, then we need to change the studs.
We can offer you Nickel 200 studs of all threaded or partial threaded. And length up to 2m. Non-standard studs is also available according to customer drawings.
Nickel 201 Studs is a low-carbon nickel alloy. Because of its extremely low carbon content, compared to Nickel 200, Nickel 201 will not embrittle by the carbon or graphite in it when exposed to temperatures from 315 to 760℃(600-1400°F) for prolonged time. Therefore, Nickel 201 is a substitute for Nickel 200 in circumstances beyond 315℃.
(1)food processing equipment, salt refining equipment.
(2)mining and marine mining.
(3)the equipment required for the manufacture of industrial sodium hydroxide at a high temperature of 300 °C or higher.
(4)organic or inorganic chloride and fluoride production: resistance to chlorine and fluorine gas corrosion.
(5)nuclear reactors.
(6)heat treatment furnace in the curved neck bottles and components, especially in the carbonation and nitriding atmosphere.
(7)application of the catalytic converter in the petrochemical production above 700 ℃, alloy 600 is recommended, to obtain a longer service life.
Chemical composition:
Physical properties:
Density8.89 g/cm3
Melting range1435-1446℃high alloy fasteners

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